My Opponent In The March 5th Election

Allen West Despises Republicans
and Republicans Don’t Like Him Either

Left position at Pajama Media after altercation with a female staffer during which (he) called her a Jewish American princess while telling her to “shut up.”
(BuzzFeed; 9/26/13)

Travis County GOP Chair Matt Mackowiak said “We (Texans) don’t like bullies, egomaniacs or jerks, and he is all three.”
(Politico 7/21)

"…He is feuding with members of his own party. Not only did some demand he quit his party post immediately (after announcing for Governor), but he also engaged in a war of words with the party’s vice chair…”
(Politico 7/21)

His final days as Texas GOP Chair are ending with an explosion of the kind of intraparty drama he has become known for throughout his tenure.
(Texas Tribune 7/21)

He called her (Texas GOP vice chair) ‘a cancer’ and ‘delusional and apparently deranged’ amid a dispute…(she) is a cancer survivor.
(Texas Tribune 7/21)

He said, “There are three words I hate to hear used. I hate ‘big tent.’ I hate ‘inclusiveness.’ And I hate ‘outreach.”
(Texas Tribune 7/20)

"….(Vice Chair of state party) led effort to ‘remove the party’s account from Gab, an alternative social media site popular with neo-Nazis and other extremists’ West opposed deleting the account, and after the SREC (State Republican Executive Committee) sided with (the Vice chair) West created his own personal account on Gab"
(Texas Tribune 7/21)

On Twitter, former House Speaker Dennis Bonnen, called West’s email (to the Vice Chair calling her, a cancer survivor, a ‘cancer’) “nothing but a tirade of misogyny and disrespect by a man pitifully floundering to be right when he is so blatantly wrong.”
(Texas Tribune 7/21)




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