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Feb 08

A Chair with Commitment and Consistency

What is a County Chair?

Many are unaware that the Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP) has a County Chair, nor do they know the Chair’s name, or the significant role and responsibilities the County Chair performs.   Each of the 254 counties in Texas have or may have a Republican Party Chair. The Chair is an elected position and is on the Party’s primary ballot. The County Chair functions much like the local Party’s CEO. The responsibilities are vast and focus on high level executive administration overseeing the elections process, building infrastructure for GOTV (get out the vote), raising funds necessary to build tools to create vital candidate platforms, as well as organizing and managing an executive team – all while being fiscally conservative.   The role, when performed successfully requires a minimum of 40 to 60 hours a week, and is a voluntary, unsalaried position. 

Consistency Matters

Among the struggles the Dallas GOP has experienced during the last decade is an inconsistency of leadership. Since 2016, the Party has not had a Chair who has served for more than two years. It takes more than two years for a leadership team to build consistency and gain momentum.  Constant turnover results in excessive delays and inconsistent policies and implementation.  When I was initially elected  Dallas GOP Chair in August 2021, I pledged to serve consistently until concrete foundations were created, organizational structure was firmly established, financial stability was achieved, and the Party was capable of performing the functions necessary to securely run elections, and recruit and support candidates – the type of Party organization we enjoyed under the leadership of past Party Chairs  Fred Myers, Tom James, and Bob Driegert who served multiple-year terms.

The infrastructure required to create a successful political party in a county as large as Dallas County requires executive management experience, interpersonal skills, diplomacy, commitment, and consistency.  The position should not be used as a bully pulpit to espouse edicts and rhetoric.

Experience and Results

 As a practicing attorney in Dallas for more than 30 years, I have built three successful law firms. I have the insights and experience to build an executive team, manage people, delegate responsibilities, raise funds, and implement sound fiscal policy.  I have used this experience to reestablish infrastructure and vital platforms for the Dallas GOP.  The structure is working. We have talented professionals leading every department, recruited and trained over 1,400 elections workers, doubled the number of precinct chairs, acquired critical data, and built a proprietary messaging platform that enables the Party and candidates to effectively reach conservative voters throughout Dallas County.  And, most importantly, as Dallas GOP Chair, I am leading Texas on election integrity issues. I have recruited my fellow Party chairs from other large counties, as well as highly respected election integrity experts and state legislators to work together with the Texas Secretary of State to explore and implement solutions that will help secure our elections and make them the most transparent in the country.


By sharp contrast, my opponent, since moving to Texas from Florida, has not demonstrated the same commitment, consistency and success as I have.  He has rarely finished what he has started, has few accomplishments, and has failed to prove he has the skills necessary to manage anything, let alone a large county political party.  

Upon my opponent’s arrival in Texas, he took the helm of a highly regarded, well-funded conservative think tank.  When he left that think tank, it was in bankruptcy and mired in lawsuits.[1]  Next, he launched a contentious campaign to unseat the existing Texas State Party Chair. After his election, he instituted practices that quickly earned him the reputation as the most controversial leader in the Texas State Republican Party.  He his post as State Party Chair early (serving less than one year) after constantly attacking our Republican leaders, including Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, degrading his vice-chair, creating intraparty drama, failing to raise critical funds, losing the support and trust of his executive committee, and speaking at a QAnon conference in Dallas.[2] 

My opponent used the Chairmanship of the Texas State  Republican Party as a platform from which to launch a bid for the Texas Governorship, capturing less than 12% of the Republican vote in Dallas County.[3] My opponent then ran for executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, where he was soundly defeated, receiving only 1 of 62 votes (with 7 members opting to sustain rather than support him).[4] Now, in his bid for Dallas GOP Chair, 24 members of his former executive board the State Republican Executive Committee, have endorsed me, including ALL  of the  Dallas County members.

Here is what Carlos Cascos, former SREC District 28 and former Texas Secretary of State, who has had a front row seat to my opponent’s inconsistent leadership said:

“I had the opportunity to work as an SREC member while Allen West was the RPT Chair. I found him to be somewhat polarizing in his rhetoric and it became clear fairly quickly  that his interests were not those of the TxGOP but rather to obtain statewide exposure and use the Chairmanship as a steppingstone to run for another office,  which he did when he ran for Governor.  Not sure what his motivation is in running for Dallas County Chair, but I believe it may be again, to get his name out there for a run at another office...State Rep, State Senator or a Countywide position....that's my take.  So, to those Republican primary his reasons and motivations to run for County Chair and determine if those reasons make sense.”

Successful Track Record

The Dallas GOP Chairmanship should not be used as a steppingstone.  Successfully chairing the DCRP, albeit voluntary, is a full-time job.  After watching the abnormalities in the 2020 Presidential race, with my young adult children in mind, I felt the call of service, embraced it and took on the challenges.  As many of you, I am very concerned about the out-of-control direction of our country under the Biden administration and the Democrats. We recognize that the 2024 elections are consequential for Dallas County, Texas and the nation. We must all join the fight to take back our country. My track record demonstrates my commitment and ability to continue building and leading the Party into greater success for the right reasons – not for myself, not for the next best thing, but for you, for our children, our grandchildren, and our great grandchildren.  My son, Jack, says it best:    



Let’s keep the Party momentum going! I am asking for your vote for re-election as Dallas GOP Chair in the Primary on March 5.  Together, we can take back our county!

Competence, not Chaos.    Leadership, not Egotism.    Results, Not Rhetoric.