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Jan 25

A Chair with Results


When I became the Dallas GOP Chair in August 2021, the Party was disorganized, in debt, and failing to provide essential functions for our conservative candidates.  Rather than stand on a bully pulpit and pontificate about the problems, I did what true leaders do – I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. I immediately began the repair of crucial relationships with donors to raise enough money to pay the rent and past due bills.  I recruited accomplished professionals to donate their time and leadership to the Party.  I hired an experienced and highly qualified Executive Director, and I put together vital committees to address candidate recruitment and training, poll worker and poll watcher recruitment, election integrity, and fundraising. The results speak for themselves.


Under my leadership, the Dallas GOP headquarters is open and manned by knowledgeable, full-time staff who assist and train Precinct Chairs, poll workers, candidates, and concerned Patriots every day.  We have successfully recruited, trained, and placed over 1,400 poll workers, adding over 80 new poll workers just in the last month. Our Election Integrity Committee has been instrumental in training and placing over 500 poll watchers – an essential function of election integrity in the polls.  We now have the ability to cover 100% of the Voting Centers with Republicans during both Early Voting and on Election Day.  The Dallas GOP, for the first time, has can now boast that we the most Republican coverage of poll sites of all large counties in Texas.  


I have worked with the Dallas County Elections Department and with the Dallas County Election Commission, of which I am the only Republican member, to advance equality for Republicans in our election process.  I was able to secure pre-printed sequentially numbered paper ballots that allow us to track ballots and audit results when necessary. I also secured equal representation in our voting centers for Republicans.  And this cycle, we will be implementing increased security measures to secure the early voting results. Working with those, even those with whom we do not always agree, is critical in obtaining real results.  

Financial Stability

With the help of Dallas GOP Events and Fundraising Vice-Chair, Lane Sullivan, I have raised well over $1.2 million for the Party, allowing me to invest funds into critical programs that assist our conservative candidates in state and local races. Most recently, I purchased critical data identifying and targeting conservative and undecided voters in Dallas County.  With the assistance of our Chief Technology Officer, I created the Dallas GOP’s own text and email messaging platform that allows the Party and candidates to more efficiently, economically, and effectively message voters and volunteers. Our data and messaging platforms were instrumental in conservatives winning two recent municipal runoff elections – the first time in many cycles in which we have been able to claim such victories.  This is the road map to take back our county.


My ability to build a strong Party foundation stands in sharp contrast to my opponent who has the reputation of not working well with others and not finishing what he starts. My opponent has a questionable track record of leaving organizations dysfunctional and financially unstable.  His tenure as the CEO of a highly regarded Texas-based, national think ended in accusations of bad decisions, mismanagement, lawsuits, and bankruptcy.[1] My opponent reportedly hired “a chief financial officer who was already on probation for embezzlement who then dismantled the organization’s fiscal controls,” embezzled more than $600,000 from the think tank, and ended up in prison.[2] The think tank has since closed its doors and most regrettably, lost ownership of its copyrighted documents and policy analysis that were authored by its scholars and experts. During his short tenure as the Texas GOP Chair, my opponent was reportedly combative, turbulent and self-serving.[3]  Many accused my opponent of using the Texas GOP Chairmanship as a stepping stone for his failed bid for governor.  Is that what we want for the Dallas GOP?

One of my prominent endorsers summed it up perfectly:

“ I do not typically weigh into local party politics, but the stakes are too high in this race. Jennifer has done a fantastic job growing and expanding the Republican Party in Dallas County. She is the absolute best person to continue to build a competitive local party. While I appreciate so much of what Allen West stands for, his track record as the chairman of our state party and other entities reveals an alarming trend of dysfunction and we cannot afford that in a critical county like Dallas." – Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham

Results, not Rhetoric

Results are why I have been endorsed by over 120 Dallas County Precinct Chairs and 18 current and former State Republican Executive Committee members, including the entire Dallas County contingent.  By contrast my opponent is endorsed by very few Dallas County Precinct Chairs and has no support from any State Republican Executive Committee members – which demonstrates how ineffective he was as a State Party Chair.

We have created a strong Party foundation in Dallas County, but our real work is just beginning.    Let us continue the momentum we have built, reject rhetoric in favor of results, foster competence and unity over chaos, and promote strong leadership over egotism.  For me, chairing the Dallas County GOP is not a stepping stone.  I am a full-time Chair focused entirely on Dallas County elections, candidates, and issues.  I am asking for your vote for re-election as Dallas GOP Chair in the Primary on March 5.  Together, we can take back our county!


Competence, not Chaos.    Leadership, not Egotism.    Results, Not Rhetoric.