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Jan 18

A Leader for All Republicans

Dallas County is a very diverse county.  And, the Republicans in Dallas County are equally diverse.  Over the years Dallas, like most large cities in our country, has trended toward more liberal attitudes and ideologies.  But I do not, nor should you accept this! To win as Republicans in Dallas County, we must embrace our differences and reach out to the many independent, undecided and new voters who share our interests; be inclusive; and cast a big open tent over the entire county. 

Consensus Builder

As Chair of the Dallas County Republican Party, I have worked diligently to earn the confidence of all Republicans from grassroots to moderates and in between, and I have succeeded.  Nothing is more illustrative of that accomplishment than the conversion of Mayor Eric Johnson from a      Democrat leader to a strong and vocal Dallas County Republican. He, like we, recognizes and supports the Republican values of individual rights, free enterprise, limited government, and much more.


 My endorsements from Republicans with varying brands of conservatism further demonstrates my ability to build coalitions with and unite with all our friends.  I am honored to have the endorsements of Attorney General Ken Paxton and the author of the Heartbeat Bill, Senator Bryan Hughes. Former Senator John Carona and former Council Member Jennifer Staubach Gates have also given me their endorsements.  I have gained the confidence and endorsement of several former county and city leaders including Commissioner Maurine Dickey and Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Poss, as well as notable civic and business leaders such as my campaign treasurer Doug Deason, Brint Ryan, Monty Bennett, and my long-time friend, Jerry Reynolds – The Car Guy.


My ability to lead all brands of Republicans stands in sharp contrast to my opponent who has consistently stated “There are three words I hate to hear used. I hate ‘big tent.’ I hate ‘inclusiveness.’ And I hate ‘outreach.’”[1]  My opponent has backed up these words with his actions, using his short tenure as Texas GOP Chair to attack fellow Republican leaders such as Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Patrick, rather than supporting Republican candidates, building coalitions, and uniting Texas Republicans.[2] In fact, my opponent vehemently attacked his own Vice-Chair, calling her delusional, deranged and a cancer (she is a cancer survivor) simply because she did not agree with him 100 percent on an issue.[3] Is this the behavior we want for our Dallas County Republican Party? It is the Democrats – AOC and the Squad – who cancel and disparage those who do not agree with them, not Patriots!

Furthermore, my opponent’s claims that Republicans can simply march across the Trinity River and convince thousands of voters to switch parties is pure rhetoric.  If it is that easy, why has he not already done it?  What is he waiting for?  And, his claims that state and local Party leaders had not traveled outside to, nor visited the Latinos communities in south Texas or Black communities until he did so is patently false. Let us not forget, my opponent is a failed Florida politician who moved to Texas less than ten years ago.[4] He does not know the history of what Texas Republican leaders, who dominate our state and have spread conservative values to all kinds of communities, have or have not done.


The reality is that results take hard work. To win new voters in Dallas County, we must be inclusive.  We must reach out to undecided and new voters.  We must cast a big tent and welcome all who have conservative beliefs into our Party. Under my leadership, the Dallas GOP has used engagement, outreach and inclusivity as vital tools in winning a Rowlett City Council runoff and a DISD Board runoff – the first time in many cycles that conservatives have won runoffs in Dallas County.  The Dallas GOP has begun the construction of its big tent, and it is growing.  Our reach to voters has increased exponentially with the purchase of data from funds I raised and the creation of a messaging platform that recently enabled the Party to identify over 15 potential new municipal candidates for the May 2024 election.

Together, let’s continue this momentum and win back Dallas County!  I am asking for your vote for re-election as Dallas GOP Chair in the Primary on March 5.

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