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Jan 25

A Chair with Results

When I became the Dallas GOP Chair in August 2021, the Party was disorganized, in debt, and failing to provide essential functions for our conservative candidates.  Rather than stand on a bully pulpit and pontificate about the problems, I did what true leaders do – I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. I immediately began the repair of crucial relationships with donors to raise enough money to pay the rent and past due bills.  I recruited accomplished professionals to donate their time and leadership to the Party.  I hired an experienced and highly qualified Executive Director, and I put together vital committees to address candidate recruitment and training, poll worker and poll watcher recruitment, election integrity, and fundraising. The results speak for themselves.

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Jan 18

A Leader for All Republicans

Dallas County is a very diverse county.  And, the Republicans in Dallas County are equally diverse.  Over the years Dallas, like most large cities in our country, has trended toward more liberal attitudes and ideologies.  But I do not, nor should you accept this! To win as Republicans in Dallas County, we must embrace our differences and reach out to the many independent, undecided and new voters who share our interests; be inclusive; and cast a big open tent over the entire county. 

The Dallas GOP has begun the construction of its big tent, and it is growing. 

Together, let’s continue this momentum and win back Dallas County!  I am asking for your vote for re-election as Dallas GOP Chair in the Primary on March 5.

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