Re-Elect Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Dallas GOP Chair in 2024



19 Current SRECs & 6 Former SRECs Endorsements

"I'm proud to have the endorsement of so many SRECs, including the ENTIRE SREC delegation from Dallas County, as well as other nearby SREC members, both present and past. A strong working relationship with our state Party and its grassroots leadership is vital to our continued improvement."


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"I Filed"

On the first day of candidate filings, Saturday, November 11, 2023, Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu filed as an official Candidate for County Chair of the Dallas County Republican Party.


Re-Elect Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu
Dallas County Republican Party Chair

Jennifer is one of the best County Party Chairs in Texas!


Jennifer is a natural leader that has proven to be able to build a fair, conscientious and unified organization among grassroots Republicans. It is not the time to be fractious. Unity is absolutely necessary to win elections.


It takes money to operate a County Party and the ability to get donations from the grassroots as well as the donor-class is important. In the past, fund raising for Party resources and activities has been minimal.


A County Chair not only has to have strategic plans, the Chair also has to be able to execute; turning plans into reality while recruiting and organizing thousands of volunteers into effective working groups.

Stick With Jennifer

Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu
as the Dallas County Republican Party Chair”
“A proven track record
for rebuilding
the Republican Party in Dallas”
“More than promises of plans
but, instead,  real and measurable results”

Re-Elect Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu DCRP Chair in 2024

It is an exciting time to be a Republican in Dallas County.  I am honored to be the Chairwoman of the Dallas County Republican Party. In 2024, I will be seeking re-election to this office.

When I assumed office less than two years ago, the Party was disorganized, in debt and unable to fulfill the basic functions of a County Party. Working together, we have turned the situation around.

We started rebuilding the Dallas County Republican Party in the Fall of 2021. The work has involved recruiting and training our current team, building critical infrastructure and re-building our donor base.

We have achieved a lot in the past two years:

  • Raised $1.2 million to increase our reach from the DCRP HQ.
  • Hired four exceptional staff: Executive Director, Executive Administrator, Communications Director, and Election Worker Coordinator.

Built a web platform, developed and re-designed  all of the content for the entire  website; increasing our daily viewership by over 50,000%.

Established a working relationship and communication with the Dallas County Elections Department.

  • Recruited and trained over 1,400 Election Judges, Alternate Judges and Clerks.
    • Trained over 500 Poll Watchers.
    • Provided 98% coverage in 2022 election – highest of any party in Texas.
    • Established Candidate Committee to recruit and assist candidates.
    • Actively engaged with local, state, and national media.

In addition, we have established the Dallas County Republican Party Presidents' Circle which has united all Republican Clubs across the county to ensure we all support each other and our goals.

These are just a few highlights. A comprehensive list is on the DCRP website. Follow the link to see more.

We are continuing to build the Party to get ready for the next election cycle. We look forward to the 2024 Presidential election. Know that we are fighting hard to keep our freedoms and expand our Party.

You can help! Please consider becoming a Precinct Chair and/or a Voter Registrar and coming to our Saturday training sessions at HQ to learn how to engage voters. Keep your eye out for potential candidates for office we can come together to support. Encourage them to contact us.

Please consider getting involved. Each of us can make a difference.

Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu
Dallas County Republican Party Chair

Eric-Johnson-with-city.png image

Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Welcomes Dallas Mayor
Eric Johnson to the
Republican Party.

In a story covered by both local and national press, the mayor of Dallas, Eric Johnson, announced in a Friday op-ed that he is leaving the Democratic Party and becoming a Republican. Dallas is now the largest city in the United States with a Republican mayor. The only other Top-10 city in the country with a Republican mayor is our sister city of Ft. Worth.

Welcome Mr. Mayor


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Letter to the Editor - Dallas Morning News

Wow!! I am honored to be mentioned in this ‘Letter to the Editor’ by Steve Cotton, a Dallas resident since 1963! 🇺🇸 “Her opponent… does not have the organizational or financial skills to do what Stoddard-Hajdu has already accomplished.” - Steve J. Cotton

With VA Lt. Governor Winsome Sears

Watching America's team with the greatness of the Lt. Governor of Virginia, Winsome Sears.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Endorses Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu for Dallas GOP Chair

“"Dallas County used to be the stronghold of the Texas Republican Party. As Dallas County has continued to be overtaken by the Democrats, the Dallas County Republican Party stands as the last beacon of hope for grassroots conservatives in the second-largest county in the state. Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu has proven herself to deserve a second term as GOP chair. She has my total endorsement. I have faith that one day the Dallas County GOP can bring back Dallas as a Republican stronghold," said Ken Paxton.”

A Few Of Jennifer's Endorsements

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  • Thank you for your service as our Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party. As you know all too well from your years of work, this job is essential to grass roots development, the development of candidates and raising positive awareness and money for operations necessary to running a successful party.

    Your performance and acceptance of this tough job is to be commended and one that I hope you will undertake again for 2024. Dallas Texas and our country is at the end of a presidential run that quite honestly must continue to be challenged with ideas that we know President Ronald Reagan championed, which I feel you best represent.

    I look forward to working with you as we prepare our Party for a victory in November. Please count me as one of your supporters with encouragement for the works necessary to accomplish your goals.

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Pete Sessions
    U.S. Congressman
  • Dallas County used to be the stronghold of the Texas Republican Party. As Dallas County has continued to be overtaken by the Democrats, the Dallas County Republican Party stands as the last beacon of hope for grassroots conservatives in the second-largest county in the state. Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu has proven herself to deserve a second term as GOP chair. She has my total endorsement. I have faith that one day the Dallas County GOP can bring back Dallas as a Republican stronghold," said Ken Paxton.

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Ken Paxton
    Texas Attorney General
  • I do not typically weigh into local party politics, but the stakes are too high in this race. Jennifer has done a fantastic job growing and expanding the Republican Party in Dallas County. She is the absolute best person to continue to build a competitive local party. While I appreciate so much of what Allen West stands for, his track record as the chairman of our state party and other entities reveals an alarming trend of dysfunction and we cannot afford that in a critical county like Dallas.

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Dawn Buckingham
    Texas Land Commissioner
  • Senator Bryan Hughes, voted the most conservative Senator in the Texas Senate, endorses Jennifer for Chair of the Dallas County Republican Party. Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman said" I am so excited to announce that Senator Bryan Hughes has endorsed my candidacy to continue to be your Dallas County Republican Chair. Senator Hughes has championed numerous conservative bills and I am so honored that he has endorsed me

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Bryan Hughes
    Texas Senator, SD-1
  • Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu announces, “I am excited to announce that I have been endorsed by one of the leading voices on Election Integrity, Russ Ramsland. Since I have been chair of this party, election integrity has been my top priority. I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Ramsland on elections integrity, and I am thankful for his endorsement.

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Russ Ramsland
    Election Integrity Expert
  • As a Dallas County Treasurer candidate in 2022, I campaigned on the importance of having the right qualifications for the job. Jennifer has the unique background, skills, and experience to help our party navigate the difficult task of returning Republicans to a strong position in Dallas County. I fully support and endorse Jennifer Hajdu for continuing to lead Dallas County Republicans as chair of the party

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Shelly Akerly
    Former Dallas County Treasurer Candidate
  • JENNIFER STODDARD HAJDU is a leader. Her smart management during adversity in the Party organization is much admired. Jennifer quickly got the Party finances under control after a long period of waste and neglect before she came into office. Jennifer also comes from a strong family of dedicated loyal Republicans and is committed to our Party’s future. Her unwavering commitment creates trust and stability for all Dallas County Republicans. The Dallas County GOP is fortunate JENNIFER STODDARD HAJDU is willing to give her time to our Party!

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Maurine Dickey
    Dallas County Commissioner (ret.)
  • At a time when our Party needs steadfast, innovative leadership, JENNIFER STODDARD HAJDU, is the ONLY choice to remain our Chair. As her former law clerk, then law partner, I have witnessed Jennifer’s respect for the law, her passion for upholding our personal and professional values, and her tenacity in fearlessly defending them all. Jennifer has always inspired creative decision-making, demanded accountability and led those around her by example. I feel lucky to have been her student, honored to have been her partner, and proud to call her my friend. No one is more qualified to hold the Chair of the Dallas County Republican Party, and I wholeheartedly unequivocally endorse her for re-election to continue the good work she is doing for our Party and the citizens of Dallas County.

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Joshua Northam
    Former Law Partner
  • I am writing this letter to endorse Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu for Dallas County Republican Party Chair. I have had the pleasure of working directly with Jennifer over the past now two years that she has held this office and I can confidently say that she possesses the necessary qualities and skills to excel in this position.

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Troy B. Jackson, PhD
    Former Texas Republican Party Director, Precinct Chair 3614
  • Jennifer is a wonderful person, a capable chair and a very effective fundraiser.

    We are definitely better off with her leadership. She has a very sharp mind and can process info quickly and efficiently, as proven by her record as an attorney in Dallas TX. We are blessed that she helped us in 2021 and will continue to help us going forward with her re-election and plans for the future.

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Nancy Anderton
    Election Worker Coordinator, Presiding Judge and Former Precinct Chair #2023
  • Having served on the Republican Party of Texas Executive Committee (SREC) Party Organization Committee, the last 3 years as Chairman, and having served as Executive Director for Dallas County Republican Party, for 2 years, I could not have been blessed with a more able, qualified and committed Party Chairman than Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu. (more in full endorsement)

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Susan Fountain
    Dallas County State Republican Executive Committee SD16, DCRP Executive Director, Precinct Chair #1172
  • I've known Jennifer for over 30 years. She is a task-master and will continue to get things done in a county that is challenging to Republicans. You can tell she is turning the tide. We don't need to impede her progress; let's continue on with Jennifer. No doubt good things will be in store for the DCRP.

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Jerry Reynolds
    President, Car Pro Radio Network
  • Jennifer was one of two people who recruited me to volunteer in the DCRP just after she came into office. Here, I had a front-row seat for the incredible work Jennifer performed in re-building the Party from a very depleted state.

    Simply put, Jennifer is the best County Chair that I have ever worked with.

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Bill Anderton
    Volunteer DCRP CIO, Presiding Judge, Former Precinct Chair #2023
  • We've been very active in the Dallas County Republican Party since 2016 and have witnessed firsthand the tremendous improvement in party leadership since Jennifer assumed the role in August of 2021. The significance in party structure has been made possible under her watch to recruit, train and provide many resources to help our precinct chairs be successful. The recruitment and training of our election workers has been significantly increased. and enabled every voting center to be manned by Republicans in every election location to further ensure election integrity. We have been impressed with her focus on election integrity in Dallas. We wholeheartedly support and endorse Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu as our Dallas County Republican Party Chair to ensure the consistent leadership she has exhibited for the next term and encourage everyone we know to support her as well.

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Pam and Russ Johnson
    Russ Precinct Chair #1302 and Pam wife is Secretary of Red Texas Forum
  • I fully support and endorse Jennifer Stoddard Hadju for Dallas County Republican Party Chair. The work she has accomplished so far is amazing. As a fellow County Chair and SREC member I know what it takes to be an effective County Chair and Jenifer has what is takes!

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Carmen Calderone Jr.
    State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) SD-27 Committeeman and Nueces County Republican Party County Chair
  • I endorse Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu for Dallas County Republican Party Chair for 2024.

    The effort that she has put forth to rebuild this organization since getting elected in July of 2021 is noticable in the improvements that have been made across the board.

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Eugene Joseph Ralph Sr.
    Precinct Chair #3083
  • Like me, Jennifer Stoddard-Hajdu inherited an organization facing considerable challenges but has since reinvigorated it with her dedication, inclusivity, and innovative approach. I do not give endorsements lightly. My endorsement is deeply personal and stems from a profound respect for her hard work and the positive changes she has implemented.

    I feel compelled to strongly encourage my fellow Dallas Republicans to support Jennifer for re-election. It is critical for us to unite behind a leader whose capabilities and vision have already proven to be exceptional, ensuring that the future of the Dallas GOP remains in the most capable hands.

    Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Endorsement
    Betty Cardenas
    Bienvenido Board Member, Past Republican National Hispanic Chairwoman
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