Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu For Dallas GOP Chair

A Chair with Commitment

and Consistency

Many are unaware that the Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP) has a County Chair, nor do they know the Chair’s name, or the significant role and responsibilities the County Chair performs.   Each of the 254 counties in Texas have or may have a Republican Party Chair. The Chair is an elected position and is on the Party’s primary ballot. The County Chair functions much like the local Party’s CEO. The responsibilities are vast and focus on high level executive administration overseeing the elections process, building infrastructure for GOTV (get out the vote), raising funds necessary to build tools to create vital candidate platforms, as well as organizing and managing an executive team –all while being fiscally conservative.   The role, when performed successfully requires a minimum of 40 to 60 hours a week, and is a voluntary, unsalaried position.


The Dallas GOP Chairmanship should not be used as a steppingstone.  Successfully chairing the DCRP, albeit voluntary, is a full-time job.  After watching the abnormalities in the 2020 Presidential race, with my young adult children in mind, I felt the call of service, embraced it and took on the challenges.  As many of you, I am very concerned about the out-of-control direction of our country under the Biden administration and the Democrats. We recognize that the 2024 elections are consequential for Dallas County, Texas and the nation. We must all join the fight to take back our country. My track record demonstrates my commitment and ability to continue building and leading the Party into greater success for the right reasons – not for myself, not for the next best thing, but for you, for our children, our grandchildren, and our great grandchildren. 




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