Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Newsletter - Vol-001 No-001

Three Goals To Get the Party Back On the Right Track

When I became the Chairwoman of the Dallas County Republican Party back in  August of 2021, I set three goals to get the party back on the right track from an organizational point of view to benefit our candidates.

  1. Raising money to provide an infrastructure to campaigns and to purchase data.
  2. Increasing our volunteer base to assist with campaigns, election clerks, election judges, and poll watchers.
  3. Election Integrity.

To date, we have made tremendous strides in each of these areas.  While I would like to say we completed our goals, our work is never done. To that end I am running for re-election to my second full term as YOUR party chair. We will build off of the successes we have already achieved and strengthen the Dallas County Republican Party back to where it was in the 1990’s. Where we had judges from JP to Appellate who followed the law and not the new woke agenda. Where we had a Commissioner's Court who was more concerned with lowering property taxes and not raising them to fund the latest ESG program.


Please join leaders from around Dallas County in learning more about me at my website:


Also, see who has endorsed my campaign:

Russ Ramsland - “I am excited to announce that I have been endorsed by one of the leading voices on Election Integrity, Russ Ramsland.   Since I have been chair of this party, election integrity has been my top priority. I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Ramsland on elections integrity, and I am thankful for his endorsement”.


Shelly Akerly - "As a Dallas County Treasurer candidate in 2022, I campaigned on the importance of having the right qualifications for the job. Jennifer has the unique background, skills, and experience to help our party navigate the difficult task of returning Republicans to a strong position in Dallas County. I fully support and endorse Jennifer Hajdu for continuing to lead Dallas County Republicans as chair of the party."

I respectfully ask for your vote.



Thank you.

Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu


Dallas County Republican Party


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