Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu For Dallas GOP Chair

I Would Like Your Vote as Dallas County Republican Chair

Greetings Patriots!


When I came in as Chair of the Dallas County Republican Party (August 2021), our Party was $40,000 in debt and unorganized. I hit the ground running. Within months I:

  1. Raised $1.4million, cleared our debts, installed critical essential tools for our candidates, such as new technology, etc. ; and
  2. Hired knowledgeable professional administrators who continue to re-engage, expand and train our growing volunteer base; and
  3. Recruited and trained the highest number of election workers and poll watchers in the history of the DCRP; and
  4. Became a leading Texas election integrity expert through study, investigation, diagnosis and research.

 Accomplishments –thus far:

  1. Righting the fiscal ship – The Dallas GOP is financially stable for the first time since 2017.
  2. Our administrative staff opens and operates headquarters daily, holding classes for precinct chairs and assisting candidates with petitions, data and GOTV (get out the vote) efforts.
  3. We now, for the first time, have Republican poll workers or watchers in every one of our 464 voting centers.  
  4. I have used my thirty plus years as a practicing lawyer to save the DCRP copious legal fees that are often associated with running a major political county party.
  5. And, I am leading on election integrity not only in Dallas County, but across Texas. I recruited my fellow county chairs, election integrity experts, and state legislators to join my efforts. Recently I met with Texas Secretary of State Jane Nelson to discuss serious integrity issues with the E-Pollbooks and to explore more secure alternatives. I vow to continue that effort until our elections are the most secure and trustworthy in the nation.

 We have made great strides, but there is more work to do. I am running for re-election as your Dallas GOP Chair to continue to build on the successes already working, provide further stability and resources for our candidates and to return the DCRP to the dominance it enjoyed in the past when we had judges from justice of the peace to appellate who followed the law and county and municipal officials who focused on pro-business, pro-growth, free market policies and not the new woke agenda.


 Please find more details about our accomplishments and what we envision for the future at my website: as well as the DCRP website at:


We must unite to achieve our common goals. I am a Chair for all Republicans, no matter their brand of conservatism – evident by the extraordinary endorsements I’m honored to have from multiple leaders in Dallas County and across our great State of Texas (partial list at publication):


  • Honorable Bryan Hughes – Texas State Senator, District 1
  • Honorable John Carona – former Texas State Senator, District 16
  • Honorable Phillip Huffines --- former Dallas County Republican Party Chair
  • Honorable Bob Driegert –former Dallas County Republican Party Chair
  • Honorable Maurine Dickey – former Dallas County Commissioner, District 1
  • Honorable Jennifer Staubach Gates, former City of Dallas Councilmember, District 13
  • Honorable Mary Poss, former Dallas City Council mayor pro tem
  • Monty Bennett
  • Doug Deason
  • Marc Himlhoch
  • Russ Ramsland
  • Candy Evans 

You can find many more endorsements on my website.  Please join me in changing Dallas County!   I appreciate your support and hope to earn your vote!


 One final request – the Chairman’s race is the last on the ballot. Look for my name, vote for JENNIFER STODDARD HAJDU and you.are.done!


 Thanks again.  Warm regards….fighting for freedom!


Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu


Dallas County Republican Party

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Doug Deason, Treasurer

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