As your Dallas County GOP Chairwoman, it has been an honor to serve and fight for you as we continue to defend freedom in our great city. Dallas is in unique position this year to have significant influence at the local, state, and federal level. Which is why we must continue to preserve our Republican Conservative values in Dallas County because as they say, "As Texas goes, there goes the nation."

To make sure we are ready to face this highly political year, my team and I have worked hard to bring positive changes to the Dallas GOP. Below are a few points of what we have done:

First, I heard your voice and concern regarding the lack of election integrity in Dallas County. During the 88th Legislative Session, I travelled to Austin with my team to advocate and ensure election integrity was protected in order to have a fair and secure election. My fight to defend election integrity is not over as I continue to work with Secretary of State Jane Nelson and State Senator Tan Parker to counter election irregularities in Dallas County. It is imperative we restore voter confidence as we enter the 2024 Election.   county!


(Left to Right: TX Senator Tan Parker, Wes Bowen, TX Secretary of State Jane Nelson, Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu, Russ Ramsland)

Second, at the Dallas GOP, we believe in fiscal responsibility. Since my time as your Chairwoman, we raised over $1.2M in less than 2 years for the Party (net $900,000). Our expenses were cut to the lowest in 7 years. In addition, we have established a high cash position for the Dallas GOP in 7 years. This has been made possible by trimming down unnceccsary spending, boosting our fundraising efforts (such as two successful Reagan Day fundraisers) and re-establishing critical relationships with local donors.

Third,  we believe that real change happens at the local level. Therefore, as your Chairwoman, I made sure the Dallas GOP established a Candidate Committee to recruit and assist candidates with elections. We established door hanger program for candidate promotional distribution. We organized Candidate Campaign Fair to assist candidates with visibility and volunteers. In addition, we organized unprecedented DCRP involvement in municipal elections creating candidate slates in many races all over Dallas County, as well as provided data and created push cards for Precinct Chair's use in reaching their precinct area. 

Lastly, because we used data in 2023, we ran 2 crucial runoffs in Dallas County. One in a Dallas ISD race and most recently in a Rowlett City Council race.  This is the the first time in recent history that a candidate with the DCRP backing won a runoff in a municipal race. 

This is the tip of the iceberg of what we have accomplished at the Dallas County Republican Party. To continue the momentum we have built, I need your help. Will you consider supporting my campaign?

$25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000

Your contribution  will help me continue to fight for election integrity and further our conservative momentum. 

I am optimistic what 2024 will bring but it will not be without a fight. To learn more about my campaign and contribute, click here.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.



Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu
Chairwoman, Dallas County Republican Party



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