Political Experience and Accomplishments

Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Political Experience and Accomplishments

Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu was raised in Liberal, Kansas by parents who have been lifelong Republicans.  As an undergraduate student at the University of Kansas, Jennifer was an active member of the Young Republicans.  Upon graduation from SMU Law School, Jennifer joined the Park Cities Women’s Republican Club where she was one of the youngest members for several years.  In 1995, Jennifer married Mark Hajdu, the son of long-time Dallas Republican Party activists, Penny and Dezsee Hajdu.  Penny was a constant volunteer at the Dallas GOP headquarters when it was under the leadership of Fred Meyer, Tom James, and Bob Dreigert.  Jennifer and Mark attended many Republican events with Penny and Dezsee and worked on multiple Republican campaigns.

While a mother of two children entering their middle school years and running her own law firm, Jennfier took a step back from politics but continued attending club meetings at the Park Cities Republican Women’s Club, the Northwood Women’s Republican Club, and later the Lake Highlands Republican Women’s Club where she served for a brief time as Membership Chair before she was approached about serving at the Dallas GOP Chair.

In light of the apparent fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election, and out of concern for her young adult children, in early 2021, Jennifer decided it was time to get very involved in Texas Republican politics.  In the summer of 2021, a group of party activists approached Jennifer about taking over the Chairman’s role for Chairman Rodney Anderson who had decided to resign. Jennifer met with Chairman Anderson and the two hit it off.  In August 2021, with Chairman Anderson’s endorsement, the Dallas County Executive Committee elected Jennifer as Chairman to serve out the remainder of Chairman Anderson’s term. Jennifer won county-wide re-election as the Chair in March 2022.

Over the last two years, the Dallas GOP, under Jennifer’s leadership, has accomplished a great deal. Jennifer and her team have recruited, trained and deployed over 1,400 election judges and clerks as well as over 500 poll watchers.  Jennifer, who connects with all Republicans regardless of their brand of conservatism, was able to restore important connections to the Dallas Republican donors.  Jennifer has raised over $1.2M in the last two years while significantly cutting Party expenses. Under Jennifer’s stewardship, the Dallas GOP’s expenses are the lowest in the last 7 years and its cash position is the highest in the last 7 years.  This has enabled the Dallas GOP to expand its support and services to the grassroots and candidates.  Among the initiatives Jennifer has spearheaded is the acquisition and deployment of cellphone and email data for Dallas County conservative and swing voters.  The Party was successful in utilizing this data to assist a conservative school board candidate win a runoff election in 2023 – the first time in over 10 years that a conservative has won such a contest in Dallas County. 

Dallas GOP Chair Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu’s Accomplishments from 2021 to Date

Election Workers/Poll Watchers

Recruited and trained over 1,400 Election Judges, Alternate Judges and Clerks
Recruited and trained over 500 Poll Watchers
98% coverage in November 2022 election – unprecedented in Dallas County and unmatched by any other Texas large county
Consistent Precinct Chair, Election Worker and Poll Watcher training (weekly before and throughout the election cycle)

Raise Money

Raised over $1.2M in less than 2 years for the Party (net $900,000)
Expenses lowest in 7 years
Cash position highest in 7 years
Two successful Reagan Day fundraisers: Gov. Ron DeSantis and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
Re-established critical relationships with local donors

Party Organization

Hired 4 paid positions:  Executive Director; Executive Administrator; Communications Director, Election Worker Coordinator
Recruited over 160 new Precinct Chairs
Reinstated and created new Committees:

Election Integrity
Precinct Chair Resource
Precinct Chair Vacancy
Rules & Bylaws
Data & Analytics

Completely redesigned website with Precinct Chair communication tools and Candidate profiles.
Established the President’s Circle to promote unity amongst all Dallas County Republican clubs
Vetted email database and established communication with over 13,000 conservatives
Provided Precinct Chairs with business cards, flyers, and communication tools at no charge

Election Integrity

Successfully worked with the Elections Department to obtain pre-printed, sequentially numbered paper ballots
A strong advocate against machine voting and for restoration of paper ballots and precinct voting
Set up Election Day headquarters to manage and solve voting center issues
Work with renowned election integrity experts around the state                                                                                                                                                      Testified at Legislature against machine and county-wide voting                                                                                                                                          Recently met with Secretary of State Jane Nelson and gave an hour long presentation by Russ Ramsland, Election Integrity Expert, lobbying for reversal of county wide voting, removal of internet connected machines, and reinstatement of hand-marked paper ballots 

DCRP joined the federal lawsuit as a Defendant to defend SB1

Campaign/Candidate Activities

Established Candidate Committee to recruit and assist candidates with elections
Established door hanger program for candidate promotional distribution
Features candidates on DCRP Website
Organized Candidate Campaign Fair to assist candidates with visibility and volunteers
Coordinated a sign distribution campaign during election cycle
Organized volunteers for candidates
Created and printed promotional literature for candidates and sample ballots
Organized unprecedented DCRP involvement in municipal elections creating candidate slates in many races all over Dallas County; Provided data; Created push cards for Precinct Chair's use in reaching their precinct area.

Data & Analytics

Purchased conservative and swing voter cell numbers and emails
Assembled Data & Analytics Committee to analyze and use data
Instituted a county/district/precinct texting and communication campaign to GOTV
Tracking voting patterns to target potential voter registration opportunities
Tracking early voting voters and message those who have not voted to GOTV
Download of 1.4 million voters every month to monitor surges/changes which could expose ghost voters and capture data on and contact of newly registered voters

Elections Department Relations

Respected and good working relationship with Dallas County Elections Administrator and Department
Unprecedented access to Dallas County Elections Administrator
Successfully rewrote and negotiated primary election contract
Cell phone access to Department and Administrator during Elections

Community Relations

Participated in numerous community events:  e.g. MLK Parade Harambe Festival; Cedar Hill’s Country Day on the Hill; Mesquite Rodeo; Aanand Indian Bazaar
Minority engagement through committees
Targeted retirement communities and assist with mail-in ballots; Currently in 7 centers
Targeted churches for voter registration and assistance with voting logistics
Host Voter Registration drives at numerous locations

Media Relations

Established respected and active engagement with local, state and national media
Frequent interviews on local television and radio
Frequent interviews with local periodicals